Plan your own trip with Jumpin’Mullet Charters!  Want to explore around Beaufort, or would you prefer to explore around the community of Atlantic and the northern Core Banks (southern Outer Banks)? Either way, we can do that!  How about fishing?  We can give you a choice of fishing around Beaufort or in Core Sound.  Also, if it’s a pretty day, we can head out in the Atlantic Ocean if we depart from Atlantic, NC.  Want to rake some fresh clams or pull up a crab pot?  Sure, why not?  Maybe you just want to go sightseeing and see the diversity of wildlife we have here, from dolphins to wild horses to bald eagles to possibly viewing an alligator…

We have two (2) boats, each one ideal for the adventure you wish to enjoy and/or the fishing you want to experience.  Please take a look at the two main menu items on this website: Parker Walkaround – 25′ and Traditional Skiff – 18′, to get a “feel” of what we have to offer.  Then just e-mail, text, or call us, and we’ll do our best to help you plan your trip!

Let’s go have some fun!

Capt’n Craig
Julian “Craig” Hamilton

North Carolina For-Hire Captain’s License

United States Coast Guard Captain’s License
Master 50 Ton Inland
OUPV (6-Pack) Near Coastal
Assistance Towing Endorsement

North Carolina Commercial Fishing License
Shellfish Endorsement
Federal HMS Charter (Bluefin Tuna) Permit