Traditional Wooden Well Skiff

Boat:  The traditional Wooden Skiff is 18′ long by 8′ wide with a well and stick steering with a pulling post.  A 60 HP Evinrude provides more power than we will ever need.
Home Port:  Beaufort, North Carolina. However, under special circumstances, I can bring her to Atlantic, NC.
Recommended Number of Passengers:  Three are ideal, more or less depending on the activity and the size of the passengers.  The maximum number of passengers is six.
Activities: Sightseeing around Beaufort is always nice.  Looking at the wild ponies and viewing the wild dolphins (porpoises) is always fun.  We can always go rod-and-reel fishing (speckled trout, flounder, puppy drum, sea mullet, etc.). Picnicking, looking for seashells, fishing crab pots (just give me advance notice so I can set them), the list goes on and on.  Really anything you want to do around Beaufort, NC.  The same with Atlantic, NC, except more shells and no horses…
Rates:  Rates are per trip (not per person).  $90 per hour (minimum of 3 hours) per boatload.  Includes tackle, bait, ice, and drinking water.
Fishing License: If you want to recreationally fish, you will need to purchase a fishing license (online from

Coastal Recreational Fishing 10-day

State Residents*, age 16 or older – $6
Nonresidents, age 16 or older – $11

Coastal Recreational Fishing License

State Residents*, age 16 or older – $16
Nonresidents, age 16 or older – $32

Beautiful grilling size Jumping Mullets! Our Jumping Mullets caught in Core Sound are excellent to eat because they feed in the pristine sandy areas of the Atlantic Ocean or Core Sound…

Nice folks who just wanted to charter a short boat ride… 🙂 We did the community of Atlantic tour and then took a ride to Ophelia Inlet. Not sure who enjoyed it more, them or me… 🙂 It never gets old to me… 🙂

Pretty day in the skiff!

The Brown Shrimp were thick in the cast net today!

Falling tide almost all day, but we still managed to catch a 20″ Puppy (Red) Drum, a 14″ Speckled Trout, Sea Mullet, Spot, puffers, and almost a half a cooler full of huge hogfish and croakers! A fun time was had by all!

We caught a dozen or so really nice hogfish today!!!

Croakers! Yea, we got croakers! More than you can eat! Ha Ha

Nice conch…

All the seashells you can pick up, including Scotch Bonnets…

Recon’ I love this stuff? Ha Ha I didn’t realize I had that much grin left in me…

First fish of the day! It’s a keeper! I caught it, but I ain’t holding it! Ha Ha

Doubles!!! Yea!!! The cobia was just a little undersized, so he had to go back… Ha Ha

Another keeper! I caught it, but I still ain’t a holding it! Ha Ha

If you want to see a few seconds of non-stop entertainment, please click on this “Kids Fishing” link.  It really was like this for hours, interrupted every few minutes by a snack break…  Ha Ha   Life is so very good!:  Kids Fishing 

Beautiful day at Ophelia Inlet on a Sunday afternoon across from Atlantic with nobody in sight…

Skiff Running – Note the traditional steering. She’ll blow past 30 MPH…

Springtime Jumping Mullets

Smoked Jumping Mullets

Stern of Skiff


Cooked Stone Crab Claws

Northern Core Banks

Core Sound Oyster