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Captain Julian “Craig” Hamilton

Text:  (Two Five Two) 714-6858.  I’ll text you back almost immediately.  You can call this number too.  Just leave a voice mail, and I’ll call you right back.

E-mail Address:
craig—@—   (no hyphens please).

Jumpin’Mullet Charters, LLC
795 Seashore Drive
Atlantic, NC 28511

*For those of y’all that are from off, please don’t confuse the community of Atlantic with the town of Atlantic Beach.  Atlantic is located at the end of the road on HWY 70, while Atlantic Beach is just south of Morehead City.  Atlantic and Atlantic Beach are about 45 minutes apart…

I also maintain my Guest House and the Gull Cottage in Beaufort on Moore Street.  The Gull Cottage is currently being utilized as a VRBO Short Term Rental house (

Available Dates:

I’m actually retired nowadays, so I rarely take out charters anymore.  They are just so much work, both before the charter and after the charter.  If I do take out a charter, it would have to be on Sundays through Wednesdays. I smoke fish Thursdays, package it Fridays, and sell smoked fish and other products at the Olde Beaufort Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.  Thank you for your understanding.  It’s been so much fun!